Squamish Hiking

Squamish Hiking

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This guidebook is the definitive resource for Squamish hiking, British Columbia. With loads of trails, snow-capped mountains and lush forests that plunge into the ocean, Squamish is rightfully known as a must-visit destination for any outdoor enthusiast.

Squamish Hiking is the first of its kind and covers eighty-two hiking trails between Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay and Whistler's Callaghan Valley along with an extensive flower identification chapter. Inside, you’ll find something for everyone, from casual forested walks to rugged alpine adventures.


Also available as a PDF e-book or take advantage of our bundle and save offer where you can get both print and ebook for a discounted price. There is no shipping charge if you pick up your book in Squamish.

Published: May, 2017
Author: Marc Bourdon
352 pages, 5.875″ wide by 8.25″ tall

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Squamish Hiking

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Squamish Hiking

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Squamish Hiking

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10 reviews for Squamish Hiking

  1. Luke Zimmerman

    The book is very well laid out with clear directions and contains a great selection of trails. Finally a definitive guide to the hikes in the Squamish area!

  2. Brian Moorhead

    If the traveler becomes lost while using this beautiful guidebook, then they simply have not been paying attention

  3. Alejandro Lyle

    This is a great guide-book for the beginner to expert hiker. It gives detailed route descriptions making it easy for all levels to follow. The day after I purchased the book my friend and I ventured across the Squamish River to hike up to Echo Lake. We didn’t make it all the way to the lake as it was too early in the season but that didn’t matter because the waterfall that the hike follows is a sight to behold! If you didn’t have to cross the river this would likely be the most popular hike in the corridor. This book gave me the added confidence and necessary information to finally go for it. Many adventures await!

  4. Lori Barjaktarovic (verified owner)

    This is a great book! It is easy to read with clear, detailed descriptions. I love that the topographic maps, and latitudes and longitudes for the trailheads are included. The beautiful pictures and book layout are a bonus.

  5. Evan Stevens

    It has taken way too long for a local hiking guide book to come out. To be clear, Quickdraw was the perfect publisher to do this. For years Marc has thoroughly researched all of the hikes in this guides, with meticulous attention to detail, especially approaches, drive distances, kms, etc…you get the idea. As a long time local, it is amazing to get a unique and thorough insight into the Squamish areas hikes to be had. From short and easy to long and adventurous this book covers it all. You will not be disappointed. Rest assured if there are any mistakes Quickdraw is quick to put corrections online, so check back often to see if anything new pops up.

  6. Kevin Hodder

    Just bought my copy of Squamish Hiking at Armchair Books! What an amazing book! The amount of information contained within is almost staggering. Very inspiring!

    I did the Skyline Traverse linked to the Sea to Summit trail on Monday and went up to the Shannon Creek Pools (after climbing Skywalker) on Wednesday.

    Great job!

  7. Lela McMurray

    This is not just a reliably durable cover filled with enrapturing photography, this is a serious compendium to hiking around the Sea to Sky Corridor. Working in a bookstore and having experience hiking and climbing in Squamish, I assuredly can say this is one of the best outdoor guides. My favorite aspect is that there are various lists so you can easily tailor a hike to a friend or family member. I can look through “Best Wildflower” to find a hike to take my Mom on, “Best Overnight Camping” for my Husband, and browse the list of Hikes by elevation for that friend with the torn ACL. It is worth buying if you live in the area or a foreign tourist just for the photography.

  8. Emilisa Frirdich

    I have been frustrated by the lack of online information available on popular local hikes. This book has solved this problem and is an essential reference for any outdoor enthusiasts living or visiting the Sea to Sky corridor. It is thoroughly researched and has all the information you need for a successful day on the trails: maps, clear directions, and accurate hiking times. The beautiful pictures have me psyched for lots of adventures. Everyone who I talked to who has a copy of this book is raving about it.

  9. Polek Rybczynski

    I am a Sea to Sky resident and I have been using this guidebook for 2 years now and still lots to explore and get out of it. I I love the descriptions of the wildflowers and wildlife (great conversation starter when i am hiking with my young boys), my wife loves the clear descriptions so she does not have to get dragged into any of my bushwhacking, and the listed little side attractions/viewpoints are great (Tony’s lookout comes to mind). Looking forward to referencing this guidebook for many more years to come. Thanks for your hard work with this Marc!

  10. Troy G

    Just bought this book – looks very good. Just what I needed. Thank you. I also own the Trail Running book – just didn’t realize that you published this as well. Great work – keep it up! Thank you!

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